Assignments   20%

There will be daily assignments that are designed to give you a chance to practice the skills and concepts introduced in the previous class.  This is your opportunity to practice on your own, see how well you understand the concepts from the previous class, and assess whether or not you need further assistance with that concept.  Homework will be collected the next class period and graded based on effort and completeness not correctness.     

Quizzes        20%

Quizzes will be given periodically during units of study.  Quizzes offer you an opportunity to practice your skills in a test like atmosphere, but without the same pressure.  Quizzes are important for self-reflection and should be used to measure your readiness for unit assessments that carry more weight.  You can arrange to take make-up quizzes with me after school if you do poorly on a quiz and would like to raise your grade.

Tests            60%

Tests will be administered at the end of units and are designed to measure your knowledge of the skills and concepts covered throughout the unit.  We will review in class for tests before test day.  Tests are your opportunity to exhibit the skills you have acquired as a result of all the hard work you have put in over the course of the unit.  Tests will also reflect the lack of effort put in over time if that is the case.  Trying to study the night before a test without having put in the time required throughout the unit will most likely result in a score that you will not be happy with. 



Class starts when the bell rings.  Tardiness will be handled as noted in the student hand book.

Extra Help

AST is the best time to get extra support during the school day.  In addition, I'm always willing to stay after school for support if I'm given at least a day notice.    

Absences/late work

All assignments will be listed on this website.  If you are absent it is your responsibility to get missing work completed.  You will have three days to complete any work missed due to an absence before it is counted late.  If an assignment was due on the day you were absent I expect it to be handed in the next time the class meets.  Exceptions will be made for unusual circumstances.     


-Three ring binder with dividers            - Lined paper

-Pencil and pen                                       - Ruler

-Scientific calculator                             - Laptop

You will be considered unprepared if you come to class without these items.

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