Course Guidelines




1.              Bring the following items to class each day.  I suggest a pencil case to organize these tools.  Pencils, Ruler, Scientific Calculator, and a  1” 3-ring Binder w/paper.

2.              Do not throw any valuable papers away!




         Students will take notes on every lesson. Students will practice each lesson with assigned work.




1.              Assignments are graded on the amount of effort shown and will be checked daily for completeness and neatness.  5 points will be given for "complete" assignments.   There will be quizzes over specific details in notes and assignments.

2.              Students are responsible for getting assignments after an absence from my website;

3.              Students missing a class for a school sponsored activity must turn in assignments on time.

4.              If time is given in class to begin work, you must work on your assignments and take the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible.




1.              If you don’t understand the material, you should arrange to see me for extra help or seek help during your AST time.  If your advisor tells you that you have an AST assignment with me, then you must see me. If you don’t show up, you will receive an administrative detention for skipping AST. All students must return to advisory at 1:55, unless other arrangements have been made with advisors.

2.              I am available after school for extra help on Tuesdays.  Please speak to me during class if you intend to stay so that we can arrange a time to meet.





1.              Your grade is composed using a point system.  Total points will vary per quarter, but will be made up of approximately 75% summative assessments and 25% formative assessments.

2.              Students will be allowed one retake if they score poorly on a Summative Assessment, but the retake score will be capped at a 70%

3.              Your Habits of Work grade is based on Mathematical Practices, Participation, Preparation, Effort and Behavior.

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