Discovering Points, Lines and Planes

-  Points in the Coordinate Plane
-  Points, Lines and Planes (Definitions, Names and Symbols)
-  Parallel, Perpendicular Lines and Intersecting Lines
-  Segments and Rays
-  Constructing Perpendicular Bisectors of Segments
-  Distance on a Number Line


-  Angle Measurement using Protractors
-  Classifying Angles
-  Angles Bisector
-  Special Pairs of Angles 
-  Angle Addition Postulate

Triangles and Congruent Triangles

-  Anatomy of a Triangle
-  Classifying Triangles
-  Measuring Angles in Triangles and Angle Sum Theorem
-  Congruent Triangles

Polygons and Special Quadrilaterals

-  Definition of Polygons
-  Parallelograms
-  Rhombi
-  Rectangles and Squares


-  Tangram Exploration
-  Using Tangrams to draw Polygons


-  Introduction to Miras
-  Reflections and Orientation
-  Translations
-  Rotations
-  Transformations on the Coordinate Plane

Right Triangles and Trigonometry

-  Pythagorean Theorem
-  Ratios in Right Triangles  (SOH-CAH-TOA)
-  Angles of Elevation and Depression
-  Using Trigonometry to Solve Triangles

Perimeter and Area of Polygons

-  Perimeter of Polygons and Irregular Shapes
-  Area of Triangles, Rectangles and Squares
-  Area of Parallelograms
-  Area of Trapezoids
-  Area of Kites
-  Area of Irregular Shapes


-  Exploring Circles (Center, Radius, Diameter)
-  Area and Circumference of Circles

Surface Area and Volume

-  Surface Area and Volume of Rectangular Prisms
-  Surface Area and Volume of Cylinders
-  Surface Area and Volume of Cones
-  Surface Area and Volume of Spheres

Proportions and Similarity

-  Proportions using Algebra
-  Similar Triangles
-  Similar Polygons

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